Iran Visas

The best part of going abroad is the thrill of traveling to a new country. However, the time consuming part of it all is getting the visa.
This needs fulfilling specific documentation required for entering the foreign country and adhering to its process time.
Pardisan understands that each country has different requirements, fees, and processing times, for Residents traveling abroad and provides
up-to-date information on visa norms and specifications for each country. After years of research and the experience gained by processing millions
of travel documents, Pardisan specializes in fast, dependable, visa processing and facilitation services.

Things to Do

Discover what Iran has to offer

Central Desert Cycling

The Sun & The Lion

Iran is a glorious open air museum of astounding mega structures rich cultural heritage and age old traditions, all remained to honor the epic past of this beautiful land.

Persian Carpet Tour

The best souvenir of each country is their handicrafts. Persian carpets and Gilims are the best and the most magnificent ones because of their patterns, colors, elegance and beauty.

The Best of Iran


Persepolis literally meaning "the Persian city," also known as the Throne of Jamshid was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550 - 330 BC).

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

The Nasir ol Molk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, is a traditional mosque in Shiraz, Iran. It is located at the district of Gowad-e-Arabān, near Šāh Čerāq Mosque.

Siosepol Bridge

Allāhverdi Khan Bridge , popularly known as Si-o-seh pol “The bridge of thirty-three spans”) is one of the eleven bridges of Isfahan, Iran and the longest bridge on Zayandeh River with the total length of 297.76 metres

Azadi Tower

The Azadi Tower literally the "Freedom Tower" or "Liberty Tower", formerly known as the Shahyad Tower "King's Memorial Tower", is a monument in Tehran City, the capital of Iran, marking the west entrance and one of the symbols of the city.